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Ankersmid Sampling more than just components 

Ankersmid Sampling distinguishes itself by using 30 years of experience in this field combined with modern digital techniques. To be able to apply modern techniques, we have since we started in 2008 with a complete line gasconditionering own.

Our equipment is designed for prolonged heavy industrial environment. Also are low maintenance, durability, digital communications and safety.
The components include everything for a complete, robust system can build together. These system-we can offer.

ADS digital control unitDescription
For your analysis, we supply everything from extractive gassonde, heated pipe, coolers, (heated) filters, pumps, fluid detection, flow meters and analyzers. Ook kant en klare systemen en digitale stuurunits met tochscreen kunnen door ons geleverd worden. Also ready made systems and digital control units to screen but can be supplied by us.

AMS modular system construction For fast panel construction, we also supply the AMS modular system, where the components quickly and efficiently can be clipped.
This enormous reduction in assembly time and your system is modular. Onderdelen verplaatsen en toevoegen is nu een kwestie van klikken. Parts and adding move is now a matter of clicks.
This was passed with difficulty and tapping holes with bolts and screws must be fixed in a severe case difficult to access.

  • AMS modular system construction
  • Digital communication via RS 485, such as Modbus
  • Full automatic calibration or not driven by the possible gassonde
  • Use of superconducting materials for better heat transfer
  • Low maintenance
  • All components are easy to clean, even the heat can split 


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Ankersmid Distributors  


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Ankersmid Sampling

Ankersmid Sampling after 30 years of a good gasconditioning, we have a new a innovated range of sampling ! 

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